Hex Nuts and Various Nuts from Transhow Fasteners

Hex Nuts, Hex Jam Nuts, Hex Thin Nuts, Hex Flange Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts, Hex Coupling Nuts, Long Hex Nuts, Hex Slotted Nuts, Hex Castle Nuts, Hex Weld Nuts, Square Nuts, Square Weld Nuts, Tee Nuts, T Nuts, Rivet Nuts, Nylon Lock Nut, Metal Lock Nuts, Prevailing Torque Nuts, nylon flange nuts, top lock nuts, k nuts.

Standard nuts as per DIN, ASME/ANSI/ASTM/SAE, ISO, GB, JIS, AS, BS, UNI.

We offer carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and brass, aluminium alloy nuts.

Our capacity over 500 tons per month, including own production together with our parteners.

All nuts we offered are produced by Stamping, Cold forging, Hot forging and lathe cutting & tooling.

To meet various requirement of corrosion resistant or strength, nuts would be further treated such as heating, black oxide, zinc coating, hot dipper galvanizing, black zinc coating, brass coating, nickle and chrome plating, dacomate. Welcome all interested buyers contact through telephone, email, online shop, online service.

  • heavy hex nutHex Nut
  • heavy hex nutHeavy Hex Nut
  • 980v lock nutPrevailing Torque Nut
  • top lock nutsTop Lock Nut
  • hex slotted nutHex Slotted Nut
  • t nutTee Nut T Nut
  • nylon lock nutsNylon Lock Nut
  • rivet nutsRivet Nut