Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts or Hex Cap Nuts, Hexagon Acorn Nuts

One-piece milled or forged from wire or nylon dome-shaped cap combination hex nuts are used in steering columns, wheels and body exposed parts to protect the threads or as a decorative purpose. The standard available dome cap hex nuts as follows, DIN 1587 Hexagon domed cap nuts, DIN 917 Hexagon cap nuts, DIN917-2000 Hexagon acorn nuts Low style, JIS B1183 Domed cap nuts, DIN319 Ball nuts.

DIN 986 Prevailing torque hexagon domed cap nuts with non-metallic insert.

We offer carbon steel, stainless steel and brass made domed cap hex nuts.

To meet various requirements for corrosion resistant or strength, nuts could be further treated such as black oxide, zinc coating, hot dipper galvanizing, black zinc coating, brass coating, nickle and chrome plating, dacomate, etc. Please indicate this requirements with your inquiry.

  • zinc plated dome cap hex nutBlack Nylon Dome
  • heavy hex nut transhowWhite Nylon Dome
  • plain finished nut Transhow FastenersDome Combination
  • yzp hex nut dome cap from Transhow FastenersOne-Piece Dome Nut