Hex Flange Nuts & Hex Flange Lock Nuts

Hex flange nut is a hexagon nut incorporates with a flanged or washer-like base, which is a wide area on the bottom of the nut that extends outward past the typical diameter of the nut. A hex flange nut allows the pressure of the nut to be displaced over a wider area than a plain nut would allow. Most hex flange nut designs are used in locking-type applications, with the flange nut using either a serrated back on the flange or a locking thread within the nut itself to lock the fastener into position when tight. Hex flange nut generally come with a hex flange bolts.

Transhow standard supply DIN6923 Hexagon nuts with flange, ASME/ANSI B18.2.4.4M metric hex flange nuts, EN 14218 Hexagon head nuts with flange and fine pitch, DIN 6331 Hexagon collar nuts.

ASME/ANSI B18.16.4 Large hexagon flange nuts, IFI 145-2002 Hexagon flange nuts, ASME/ANSI B18.16.4 Regular serrated Hexagon flange locknuts, IFI 100/107 prevailing torque hex flange nut.

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  • zinc plated hex nutZinc Plated
  • heavy hex nutYellow ZP
  • plain finished nutNylon Lock
  • yzp hex nutMetal Lock
  • HDG hex nutSmooth Flange
  • hex nut ss304SS304 A2
  • ss316 hex nutSS316 A4
  • brass nutDacromate