Keps Nuts, K Lock Nuts or K-Nuts

K-Lock Nuts is another type of lock nut. Its a hex nut pre-assembled with a free spinning external tooth lock washer. The teeth pattern of the washer bite into both the nut and the base material to prevent loosening caused by vibration. The locking action is achieved when the nut is tightened against a bearing surface as the teeth of the lock washer dig into it. Click here for dimensions of ANSI standard Keps Nuts or Metric standard K Lock Nuts

Self Locking Counter Nuts, PAL-NUT

We offer various self locking counter nuts (pal-nuts) made of spring steels stamped while DIN 7967 is the most common used type. Its stamped from sheet metal usually with a galvanized surface. Also known as Pal-Nut, the DIN7967 counter nuts could be distort under load and return to its original shape in the threaded area because its spring steel like. Its tightened with an internal wrench providing a vibration resistant locking action while still usable in small and tricky areas where space is restricted.

The DIN 7967 or Inch size Self Locking Counter Nuts are available in various materials and finishes (spring steels and stainless steels). Specifications from M4 to M80 or Inch specifications from #8 to 3 inch.

For more stamped, forged and punch self locking nuts or the related nuts fixings, fastenings, standard or customized, please kindly contact us directly.

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