Weld Nuts, Hexagon & Square Nuts

The weld nut used to be welded to another object or piece of steel. Offered by various types and designs, each weld nut is intended to perform a particular function under a given set of parameters. A weld nut has an added material which allows the weld nut to be welded to another piece of steel while retaining its shape and size. Transhow Fasteners offer low carbon steel, middle carbon steel and stainless steel weld nuts in hexagon model and square model or other customized shapes or models. Our standard supplies as DIN928 square weld nuts and DIN929 hex weld nuts.

Some types of weld nut are intended to be used inside a channel or hollow square tube. This not only gives added strength to the channel or tubing, but it provides a mounting point for added accessories in areas that have no access to the rear side. This makes it possible to tighten and remove the part with only one wrench. It also ensures that the part will be mounted at the exact same location with no variation stemming from a slipped bolt. This also allows a mechanic to perform repairs without the need for a helper to hold the back side of a bolt when tightening or loosening it.

.A weld nuts are generally plain finished or black oxide, also can be copper coated.

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