Hex Coupling Nuts, Long Hexagon Nuts, Round Body Coupler Nuts

Hex coupling nuts are the longer hex nut with double chamfered ends. Its used to joint two externally threaded parts of equal threads and pitch.

Transhow Fasteners generally offers C1010 and C1018 carbon steel and stainless steel hex coupling nuts in various across flat width and length. Please check our below standard supplies.

DIN6334 Hexagon Long Nuts, IFI 128 ASME B18.2.2 Hex Coupling Nuts.

If you are requiring any customized coupling nuts, both in hexagon body or round body or any other shape's body coupler nut, please kindly contact us directly with your drawings.

Finished hex coupling nuts, long hex nuts or round body coupler nuts available in black oxide, zinc coating, hot dipper galvanizing, black zinc coating, brass coating, nickle and chrome plating, dacomate, etc. Please indicate this requirements with your inquiry.

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  • Transhow coupling nutsRound Body
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